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Ferrari's Portofino Now Speaks Mandarin As It Gets Launched In China

Ferrari has brought the new Portofino to China, as part of their 70th anniversary celebrations that featured a program spanning 60 nations.

The successor of the California T will have a starting price of RMB 2,908,000, or $438,382 at today's exchange rates, in the People's Republic.

The steep price is due to the local luxury tax imposed on imported vehicles. To understand just how expensive the baby Ferrari really is in China, you should know that for that money one would be able to buy a 488 Spider in the US and keep around $150,000 in their bank account.

Coinciding with the local launch of the Portofino, Ferrari walked away with the 'China Performance Car of the Year' title, which was given to the 812 Superfast by a panel of 29 editors-in-chief, who voted it the most favored in Greater China after several rounds of screening and evaluation. The award was presented to the Prancing Horse in Guangzhou on November 16.





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