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Jaguar XK180 Concept Replica Will Cost You A Pretty Penny

Unless you’re a billionaire with close ties to a carmaker, you’re unlikely to ever have the opportunity of purchasing a one-off concept. Fortunately, Jaguar enthusiasts can now do the next best thing, buying a Jaguar XK180 recreation.

Jaguar unveiled the eye-popping supercar concept at the 1999 Paris Motor Show as a way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the XK. Sadly, the vehicle never made it to production but that hasn’t stopped a company based in the Netherlands from bringing the XK180 back to life.

The company, Autobedrijf de Koning BV, claims to be offering accurate recreations of the XK180, based around the XKR. The car pictured is reportedly the first example built and has a steep 235,000 euro ($272,000) asking price on Mobile.

Based on the images available, the car appears to be almost identical to the real thing and even includes a very similar interior. In fact, we’d probably be fooled into thinking it’s the one-off concept if we ever saw one of these clones on the road.

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