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Jeremy Clarkson Introduces Half-A-Romeo To Replace Celebrity Brain Crash On The Grand Tour

The second season of The Grand Tour lands on Amazon Prime Video on December 8th and the company is promoting the show's return by releasing a new clip which shows the hosts seeking a replacement for the Celebrity Brain Crash segment.

As you can see in the video, Jeremy Clarkson comes up with the idea of the "Half-a-Romeo" which is an Alfa Romeo that has been cut in half. His colleagues are less than impressed with the idea and James May spins out of control after a short test drive.

While it doubtful that we'll see the Half-a-Romeo in the upcoming season, it's nice to know Celebrity Brain Crash probably isn't going to make a return. Between that and the removal of Mike Skinner as the show's test driver, the new season is already looking more promising.

Amazon has only released a few details about the upcoming season but the company has already revealed the hosts have spent more than 100 days on four different continents with stops in Colorado, Croatia, Dubai, Mozambique, Spain, and Switzerland. A trailer for the show also revealed the hosts will be driving a handful of different vehicles including a Bugatti Chiron, a McLaren 720S, and a Honda NSX.




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