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Massachusetts Police Bust Driver With Fake License Plate Made From A Pizza Box

Most Americans can no longer afford to purchase a new vehicle and it doesn't help that after the initial purchase drivers are forced to shell out even more for registration fees, plate fees, and insurance coverage.

One driver in Massachusetts thought they could get around these inconveniences by simply making their own license plate and hoping no one would notice it said "Mass" instead of Massachusetts. Unfortunately, police in the town of Hopkinton noticed a few things wrong with the driver's plate as the department noted it was created from a cardboard pizza box and had letters written in magic marker.

Unsurprisingly, the driver was pulled over and hit with a variety of different charges including operating an uninsured vehicle, operating an unregistered vehicle, and attaching "fake homemade" plates.

According to Value Penguin, operating a vehicle without insurance in Massachusetts is a civil infraction and could cost the driver a fine of up to $5,000, up to a year in jail, and the loss of their driving privileges for a year. Given that the driver owns a late model Buick Century, the fees from this stunt could end up costing more than the car is worth.

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