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McLaren 720S Driver Who Allegedly Had A Few Drinks Leads Cops In 155MPH Chase

The driver of a McLaren 720S decided to turn the highway into his own test track, on Sunday morning, in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA.

The man was spotted by a police officer, who was patrolling the Georgia State Route 400, doing well over the 65mph (105km/h) legal limit, so she immediately activated the emergency lights and started to pursue the supercar.

After several miles, during which both vehicles achieved speeds of approximately 155mph (250km/h), the officer admitted that she was about to call off the chase, when the suspect pulled over, with "smoke coming from the brakes", according to the Alpharetta Police spokesman, Jason Muenzer, quoted by WSBTV.

When the officer approached the supercar, she noticed that "the driver's eyes appeared to be glassy", and "a strong smell of alcohol" was coming from the cockpit. The suspect, who was identified as 46-year old Dwayne Sherwood Pope, Patch reports, said that he didn’t notice the blue lights, nor hear the siren, and admitted that he had a few drinks before hitting the road.

Pope was then subjected to a sobriety test, which he failed, and was taken into custody, charged with driving under the influence, speeding, and failing to maintain lane. Later on, officers discovered that his driving license was also expired.




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