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McLaren 720S Welcomes Challenge From Pair Of 900 HP Huracans

The McLaren 720S is slowly working its way up the drag racing food chain, and after dispatching an 805 HP supercharged Huracan last week, a couple of the Lambos Italian cousins sought retribution.

Featured here alongside the McLaren are two Huracans, both producing around 900 HP, but through different mods. For example, the white Huracan is a RWD LP580-2 with a VF Supercharger, sending 790 horses to the wheels - around 900 to the crank.

The green one is a regular LP610-4 with a custom twin turbo kit, putting down the same amount of power as its rear wheel driven sibling.

Of course the McLaren 720S needs very little introduction. Its power output is right there in its name, although we do suspect that the British automaker hasn't exactly been upfront about the 720S' performance figures.

So without further ado, we'll let you find out for yourselves who won these match-ups. Nine hundred horses should definitely have the Lambos covered, right? Right...?