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Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe Damaged After Wheel Thieves Leave It On Plastic Crates

As if seeing your car without wheels wasn't bad enough, the people responsible for this theft used plastic crates for support, which naturally, crumbled under the weight, damaging the side sills and possibly other components like the brake discs, on this C63.

The theft took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and according to the owner's friend who sent us the tip, the wheels probably exited the country via the German border, heading towards Eastern Europe.

We've also learned that a new set of wheels is on its way and that the car was insured, so this C63 Coupe should be good soon, which is all you can hope for after such an incident.

Grand thefts involving large/expensive alloy wheels are a common practice in Europe, as well as on other continents. Also, in some cases they can be removed without damaging the side sills, so some car owners are definitely "luckier" than others.

The reader who sent us these images also mentioned that the car is going to "sleep indoors" from now on, which is perfectly understandable. Better safe than sorry.

H/T to Christian!




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