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Mercedes-AMG Continues To Test Mystery GT R Mule On The 'Ring

Mercedes-AMG continues to test a mysterious GT R at the Nurburgring, widely believed to be an early Black Series prototype.

This AMG GT R, with the license plate ‘S GT 585’ has been filmed at the German circuit numerous times in the last couple of months and looks like any other GT R, except for a small strip of camouflage on the rear decklid.

If this prototype is indeed the upcoming AMG GT R Black Series it will have a lot to live up to and face stiff competition at the Nurburgring.

The ‘regular’ model has already lapped the circuit in a blistering 7 min 10.92 seconds and the brand will probably be chasing after a time closer to 7-minutes flat for the Black Series. To achieve this gain in performance, power from the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 can be expected to rise to over 600 hp.

Additionally, the finished GT R Black Series will inevitably receive some aerodynamic tweaks not featured on this prototype, all designed at increasing downforce and taking the sports car to an all-new level.




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