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RC Car Spotted Doing Over 80 MPH On Freeway!

With certain remote control cars capable of keeping up with real-world automobiles, seeing one driving casually on the freeway isn't all that shocking.

According to the description of the video, this RC car was doing at least 80 mph (128 km/h) before it exited the highway in what can only be described as a very lawful manner.

Still it's not something you get to witness every day and the person who filmed the entire thing was properly shocked to see what's basically a toy, keeping up with traffic.

Now, if you still think RC cars are something to laugh at when it comes to performance, here's a little remote controlled Audi R8 that managed to out-sprint the real thing for a few brief seconds - it eventually spins out because of the wet conditions.

Thankfully the road was dry here in Houston, Texas, and this little racer looked like it had no issues staying in its lane.




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