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Need For Speed Payback Review Might Talk You Out Of Buying It

Even if you're a fan of arcade racing and the Need for Speed franchise in general, this latest installment could still leave you frustrated with regards to multiple aspects of gameplay.

According to IGN, the 23-year old racing series from Electronic Arts has definitely seen better days, and while 'Payback' does fix a few issues with previous titles, it's also taking away things like customizing your car easily and efficiently.

First, the positives. For example, it's great that unlike with the previous NFS game, Payback actually lets you hit pause during single player mode. A simple fix to an issue that never should have existed.

Second, there's no shortage of challenges you can take on with this game. From police pursuits to drag racing, it's a more complex experience than what the previous title had to offer.

Unfortunately, that's where the positives end, as the game really gets bashed in this review due to that customization issue, the linear pursuits, frantic AI, poor character dialogue and more.

In the end, it gets a poor rating, with the reviewer dubbing it 'Mediocre'.




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