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New 2019 BMW X5 Drops Heavy Camo To Reveal Brawnier Design

BMW's next-generation X5 SUV was spotted outside the automaker's Spartanburg factory wearing a very different type of camouflage than we're used to seeing.

In fact, it's more of a wrap than a proper camouflage job, which is usually more thorough and will sometimes include body cladding to throw you off the scent of what's really going on design-wise.

These images show two G05 BMW X5 prototypes out and about, apparently wearing their M Performance duds, including sporty two-tone wheels with blue brake calipers.

Right off the bat, we're tempted to say goodbye to the old model's chunky exterior, as this new-generation model seems leaner yet more masculine at the same time - as if it went through a serious workout regimen. And no, this wasn't as obvious on previous prototypes, which were a lot better camouflaged.

Meanwhile, these prototypes are clearly wearing their production headlights, which we first saw back in August, when we also detected a hint of blue inside the optical units, a giveaway for Laserlight technology. Aside from the previously-mentioned M Performance kit, we can also spot the new and much larger kidney grilles, the more pronounced shark nose and what could be smaller taillights - at least the edges are clearly smaller.

Also, if this new X5 seems longer than the current/previous model, that's because it is. The growth spurt is there to accommodate passengers and luggage.

The 2019 BMW X5 will ride on the same CLAR (cluster architecture) modular platform used by the all-new 5-Series and the 7-Series. This means that we can count on it being more rigid and weighing less than the outgoing model, as some rumors suggest up to 250-300 kg being dropped (550 lbs to 660 lbs).

As for power units, expect a similar crop to what you currently find on the 5 and 7-Series. This variety of petrol and diesel engines should also include a plug-in hybrid and twin-turbo V8 M-powered model, with upwards of 600 horses.

Expect the 2019 BMW X5 to debut sometime towards the end of next year.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops




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