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Reckless Overtaking Maneuver Ends In Pain

It's bad enough to risk passing another vehicle when the coast is not clear, but making things worse by not halting your attempt and forcing the overtake is inexcusable.

This incident was captured on dashcam last week, and shows a station wagon going off-road in order to complete overtaking a bunch of slower semi trucks.

That's when the driver lost control of the car and ended up underneath the trailer of one of those semis. It was also a close call for the dashcam car, which had to leave the road in order to avoid a collision with the skidding wagon.

The driver of an old Peugeot 3008 wasn't as lucky, as he got clipped by the out of control car. Thankfully the Peugeot didn't hit anything else, and simply spun before coming to a halt.

While we hope that nobody was harmed, and this includes whoever was inside of that rogue station wagon, we still need to condemn the person behind the wheel for their reckless actions.




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