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Mercedes-AMG S63 Slammed, Stanced And Boosted

The whole purpose of buying a Mercedes-Benz S-Class is to enjoy its luxury features, and, in the case of the AMG versions, its brutal power as well.

However, there are always owners unsatisfied with the way their rides look and handle, so they turn to various tuners to pump new blood into their cars, and/or strap some aftermarket parts to the bodies.

Inden Design is one of many companies offering a bundle of upgrades for Mercedes. Here, they're focusing on the Mercedes-AMG S63, which now makes 700PS (690hp), after receiving the an MKB ECU tune, and a Capristo valve exhaust with an electronic control system.

The height adjustable control module, operable via the steering wheel, is also worth mentioning, as are the 10x22-inch front and 12x22-inch rear wheels, made by Inden Design and shod in 265/30 and 315/25 tires, respectively.

The German tuner has made the S63 50mm (nearly 2in) wider than the stock model thanks to the enlarged fenders, while also giving it new rocker panels and a rear diffuser with Black Series-inspired tailpipes.

Inden Design doesn’t say how much these upgrades cost, but given the original price of the car - €238,000 ($276,511), expect to pay a pretty penny.




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