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Renault Subtil Study Is A Transformable Pickup And SUV From The Far Future

The Renault Subtil was drawn to bridge the gap between SUVs and pickup trucks in the world of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Renault isn't planning on building this thing anytime soon. What you're looking at is a rendering by artist Wojciech Jurkowski. In his own words, the Subtil is meant to give city folk the chance to "look for peaceful, quiet places among mountains and rivers," and spend time "sightseeing or doing sports in the fresh air."

If you look at the blueprints, you'll see that the Subtil automatically converts from an SUV to a pickup, with various configurations available. It was designed to be transformed from a 4 seater with a standard luggage compartment, to a two-seater with a large luggage compartment and a two-seater with space for sports equipment (like a bike or a snowmobile). You can also put the car in autopilot mode and convert the interior into a bedroom.

The designer says you can setup the cabin in any way you want, while thanks to the car's 360 camera system, you can use VR 3D glasses to check out the surrounding scenery.

As for what's powering this concept, it's 4 independent electric motors located inside the wheels, which makes sense for this type of vehicle.

All together, the Renault Subtil sounds like a very efficient and advanced means of transportation. However, we don't see it going off-road - it basically has no ground clearance, no thanks to those massive wheel covers.