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Strange Mercedes S-Classes Spied With Flared Wheel Arches

It’s not unusual for car manufacturers to test weird and wacky creations with no intention of turning them into production cars, but these two Mercedes-Benz S500s have caught our attention.

For the most part, the two prototypes seen secured on a transport truck, appear like any other S-Class. However, on further inspection, you’ll notice that both have been equipped with flared wheel arches which resemble something you’d see from Liberty Walk, not Mercedes-Benz.

It is difficult to know what the German automaker is working on but it is possible that these fenders have been fitted to help the car accommodate a set of wider wheels. If that’s the case, then it is possible that they offer an early taste of a future S-Class AMG model, potentially a straight-six model dubbed the S43 AMG.

What is also interesting about the two prototypes is that they’re based around the pre-facelift S-Class and could, therefore, be leftover mules from testing of the updated S-Class.

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