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Take An In-Depth Tour Of Ferrari's Wild FXX K Evo

If you didn’t get enough of the crazy Ferrari FXX K Evo with the gallery published yesterday, the video below should satisfy any of your remaining Ferrari cravings.

Seen Through Glass on YouTube had the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes look at the crazy track-only monster and it seems just as wild as spy videos have shown.

The key differences between the FXX K Evo and the regular FXX are focused on aerodynamics. Thanks to a host of new winglets, and aero aids, including a towering rear wing and shark fin, the Evo has 23 per cent more downforce than the regular car, helping it to produce over 1,800 lbs of downforce at top speed.

Ferrari’s most elite clientele will be able to purchase the FXX K Evo as a complete car or, if they already own an FXX K, order the new parts and have them fitted at the factory.




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