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Toyota/Mazda Plant To Be In Alabama Or North Carolina

Three-and-a-half months after Toyota and Mazda announced a $1.6 billion joint car factory in the U.S., Bloomberg reports that the plant will be located in either Alabama or North Carolina.

Spokesmen at the two carmakers have refused to comment on the reports but Bloomberg says Alabama and North Carolina have beat out the likes of Tennessee, Texas, and South Carolina for the factory.

When the facility is completed and production commences in 2021, it will build 300,000 cars annually and create roughly 4,000 new jobs. Toyota has confirmed that it will build the Corolla at the facility while Mazda says it will build SUVs at the site. The Japanese firm has yet to specify which models these will be.

Speaking about the plant at an announcement in early August, Mazda president and chief executive Masamichi Kogai said the alliance could energize the industry.

“Nothing would please me more than if, through this alliance, we can help to energize the auto industry and create more car fans by bringing together two competitive spirits to spur each other on, leading to innovations and fostering talent and leaders.”




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