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Traffic Looked Way Different 100 Years Ago In One Of The First Ever Dashcam Videos

Sitting in our cars, completely isolated from the environment, while listening to our favorite radio stations, seems natural these days.

However, things were very different at the beginning of the last century, when nobody associated words such as airbags and safety tech with vehicles.

It may seem like a technology and innovation lesson, to raise awareness over all sorts of things, but that's not the case, as what we have here is a glimpse into the past, in what's believed to be one of the first ever dashcam recordings.

Shot on the streets of San Francisco in 1906, it shows the daily routine as seen through the eyes of a tram driver. And, oh, what a different environment that was - from the first cars to horse-pulled carts, pedestrians crossing the street at every step of the way, and a general appearance of indifference for personal safety.

Still, despite what appear to be constant threats that our minds may not be used to nowadays, life continues at a slow pace, and everybody gets to live another day.

Makes you appreciate the modern road safety standards, doesn’t it?




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