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Watch Bus Hilariously Photobomb Live Stream Of Georgia Dome Implosion

On Monday, media gathered at Atlanta�s Georgia Dome to see the iconic stadium get demolished.

Unfortunately for The Weather Channel, which was live streaming the event, things didn�t go according to plan.

40-minutes into the broadcast, the countdown started and the first small explosion was captured, mere seconds before the entire stadium collapsed. However, in the time between the first explosion and the stadium crumbling into a pile of rubble, an inconsiderate bus driver pulled into the frame, looking to witness the event for himself.

Unbeknownst to him, The Weather Channel was filming from across the road and editor Jason Rudge was absolutely fuming, begging for the bus to �get out of the way� and hurling expletives towards it.

Despite the live stream being ruined by the bus, the video has attracted more views than in probably would have if everything went according to plan. In fact, the bus has already been turned into an internet meme.




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