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Watch A Tesla Model 3 Expertly Parallel Self-Park

The Tesla Model 3 won�t reach a considerable number of buyers for quite some time, but one fortunate owner has taken to YouTube to demonstrate the sedan�s self-parking feature.

The 36-second video shows Tesla�s entry-level model precisely manoeuvring into a parking space without hesitation. Other than that, the video doesn�t tell us much about the Model 3.

For starters, the parallel parking feature itself, while impressive, is nothing new. In fact, Toyota first introduced a rudimentary version of automatic parallel parking back in 2003. In the 14 years since, dozens of cars have featured self-parking, even affordable hatchbacks like the VW Golf and Ford Focus.

Tesla delivered the first 30 production cars to employees in late-July. Although Tesla won�t admit it, it�s widely believed to have done this to fine-tune the sedan and ensure it is free of any faults by the time it arrives in the hands of the general public.

Sadly, the 500,000-odd people to have ordered a Model 3 aren�t close to taking delivery. In fact, production bottlenecks have forced Tesla to delay volume production of the car until late in the first quarter of 2018.




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