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YouTuber Drives Renault-Powered F1 Car At Circuit Paul Ricard

It's not everyday that somebody who's not a professional race car driver or some type of celebrity gets to drive one of the quickest man-made road going vehicles ever built.

Getting behind the wheel of this 2012 Renault-powered F1 car is none other than YouTuber Mr JWW, who is obviously no stranger to driving both supercars and hypercars. But an F1 car? That's a completely different type of animal.

Unlike today's F1 racers, this thing is powered by a naturally-aspirated engine, which makes it sound much more glorious then these newer turbocharged units.

Also worth pointing out that Renault wasn't in Formula 1 back in 2012 as a factory team. So this car is most likely the old Lotus E20 from 2012 (with a new livery), powered by Renault's mid mounted RS27-2012 2.4-liter V8.

It was quite interesting to see what type of prep-work went into getting an "average" driver into the seat of a Formula 1 car. Those unfamiliar with these machines will also learn just how snug it is to sit behind the wheel, and how demanding they are physically.




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