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A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Batman's Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo

With Marvel superheroes often associated with Audi, and even Acura in the first Thor movie, DC teamed up with Mercedes-Benz in order to give Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince two very cool rides.

While the latter showed up to meet with Cyborg in an E-Class Convertible, Bruce Wayne gave The Flash a ride in his extremely exclusive (and by that we mean one-of) Vision Gran Turismo concept.

Apparently, the producers wanted to pair the characters up with cars that sort of represented their personality, which is why you might see someone like Bruce Wayne driving a car that nobody else owns.

According to Robert Oliver Samson, Mercedes' creative director, when they built the V GT for the movie, they actually had to make it a little bigger than the original concept, which had a really tiny interior.

As for future movies, the only scheduled DC flick for next year is Aquaman, but it's rather unlikely that the king of Atlantis needs four wheels and an engine to get around. If we were to guess, we'd say Mercedes could make another appearance in the DC Cinematic Universe two years from now, when Wonder Woman 2 hits theaters.




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