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BMW M2 "GTS" Tuned By Evolve Gets The Art Car Treatment

BMW has been making its Art Cars since 1975, with the first one being a 3.0 CSL that raced at Le Mans. Evolve Automotive has done the same with a tuned BMW M2 .

The pictures posted on Flickr reveal their artistic take on the M2, which gained a unique, hand-painted livery.

No details have been released about the two artists responsible for this unofficial art car, but it's supposed to be "based on a true story" - and it says so on the hood and upper side of the grille, using the BMW logo as a letter.

By the way, the GTS designation was given to the M2 by Evolve and not the Bavarian automaker. It was first revealed last December by the UK-based tuner and sports a body kit, along with rear wing, on the outside, alongside a healthy power boost that increases the engine's output from 365 to 401 HP.




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