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Fastest Tuned Hondas Civics In America Partake In 1/4 Mile Drag Race

If you're going to get a bunch of really fast Honda Civics for a World's Greatest Drag Race-style event, these eight cars seem as good a choice as any.

In total, we're dealing with more than 4,000 HP between them, with some, like that red 1994 Civic Hatchback packing 1,100 HP, looking very hard to beat.

Another example, which is also turbocharged, has 790 HP. Meanwhile, a naturally-aspirated '93 Civic brings yet another 430 HP to the table. There are plenty of cars that stand out here, but one in particular "smells" like the ultimate sleeper to us.

It's a blue all-wheel drive 900 HP Civic, which actually has a better chance of getting off the line before any of the 1,000 HP+ cars do.

As you well know, putting your power down efficiently can be the difference between winning or losing when racing somebody in a straight line, especially over a relatively short distance such as the quarter mile.




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