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Lamborghini Urus Gets Rendered In All Shapes And Sizes [42 Images]

It appears that the web can't get enough of the new Lamborghini Urus, hence the countless renderings that we come by almost on a daily basis.

One digital artist stands out in particular - Aksyonov Nikita, who's responsible for imagining the Italian super SUV in various body styles, from the extravagant four-door Convertible to the Aventador-inspired SuperVeloce.

Most of them, such as the ever-present pickup truck, Tron versions and the one influenced by the Centenario, have absolutely no chance whatsoever of making it into production, but an enthusiastic owner might paint or wrap his/her Urus in Gulf or Martini liveries, and Lamborghini itself could make an 'S' version at some point in the future, although with 641HP on tap, its super SUV doesn't exactly lack for power.

As is the case most of the times, these renderings are just for kicks, including the murdered out example with a gigantic rear wing and the off-roader one with a large bulbar at the front, a roof rack and chunky rubber.

Nevertheless, if, say, we lived in a parallel universe where Lambo would even consider making one of these utterly unfeasible renderings, which would you have them build?




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