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Opel Insignia Tourer Makes For A Slick-Lookin' Taxi

Visit most any city in Europe and most of the taxi cabs are bound to be Mercedes – E-Class sedans especially. But that's not the only option, as another German automaker is here to point out.

That automaker is Opel, which is showcasing its new Insignia wagon as an ideal taxicab.

Instead of simply selling the consumer version and letting the cabdrivers, fleet operators, or upfitters perform the modifications, Opel offers the Insignia with just about everything need for taxicab duty straight from the factory – from the illuminated roof sign to a meter integrated into the rearview mirror.

Professional drivers can choose between the svelte Insignia Sports Tourer or the more rugged Insignia Country Tourer, in either Taxi Selection or Taxi Dynamic trim, with varying equipment levels, priced from €22,639 in Germany (before tax).

Either way, you're looking at a nearly 20-cubic-foot luggage compartment expandable to almost 60 cubic feet with the rear seats folded flat, making the Insignia a rather flexible and accommodating way to move passengers and their stuff.

Drivers who need more needn't look far, as Opel also offers taxi versions of the Zafira minivan and Vivaro full-size van for commercial transportation as well.

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