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This Nissan GT-R Could Smash Its Own Six-Second 1/4 Mile World Record

AMS Performance has continued development of the world’s first six-second, street-legal Nissan GT-R, which is now looking to go faster than it ever has before on the drag strip.

Earlier this year, this car, owned by drag racing enthusiast Gidi Chambi, ran a record 6.937 second quarter mile, thus becoming the quickest GT-R on the planet. Equipped with a host of mechanical modifications and a new rose gold chrome wrap, it's possible we might be looking at the world's quickest Nissan.

While the car, affectionately known as Alpha Queen, is still street-legal, it is a far cry from a standard GT-R.

In fact, the engine is totally new and delivers over 3,000 hp. However, to AMS’s credit, it does retain a six-cylinder, twin-turbo setup like any other R35, although the turbos now stick out of the front bumper.

Expect to hear more about this GT-R if it does indeed set a new quarter mile world record. In the meantime, enjoy these videos of the craziest incarnation of Godzilla yet.


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