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That's Not How You Enter A Roundabout, Audi A8 Or Not

As if speeding through a roundabout wasn't dangerous enough, the person behind the wheel of this white Audi A8 also felt like adding an illegal overtake to his repertoire.

Then again, if you're trying to enforce a stereotype, what better way than to drive your big German luxury saloon like the rules don't apply to you, right?

Too bad this wasn't one of those 'instant karma' situations, because if it were, a police car would have been waiting on the other side of that intersection and we would have suddenly felt a lot better about life in general.

We could also argue that visibility wasn't optimal entering that roundabout, especially for the Audi driver who had to focus on rapidly overtaking the dashcam car, while also being mindful of the Skoda on the opposite side of the road.

Did the driver really have time to properly scan their surroundings to make sure the coast was clear? Doubtful. But let us know what you think about this type of behavior in traffic.