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U.S. Dealer Asking $176k For Freshly-Delivered Dodge Demon

Priced from $84,995, the Dodge Challenger Demon seems like the bargain of the century, especially when you consider its straight-line performance. But, is it worth more than double the sticker price? We don’t think so.

Nonetheless, used car dealership Custom Cars West, located in Sheridan, Colorado, has listed a freshly-delivered Dodge Demon for sale at a rather absurd $176,398.

The car reportedly has just a single mile on the odometer and is bathed in a glistening shade dubbed B5 Blue Pearl. Inside, the interior is said to be covered in black leather but sadly, no images of the cabin have been published by the dealer.

Despite lacking some details and any high-resolution photos of the car, we can safely say that it isn’t worth over $175,000. In fact, a used Lamborghini Huracan can be purchased for a little over $190,000 and while it may not accelerate down a drag strip as quickly as the Demon, it is a far more well-rounded -not to mention, exotic too - performance car.

Nevertheless, with just 3,000 examples of the Demon destined for the United States, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this example changing hands for the asking price, no matter how excessive it is.




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