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VW Golf R Mk6 With 800HP Runs 1/2 Mile In 18 Seconds!

For hot hatch fans, Volkswagen Golfs don't get much cooler than the range-topping 'R' version.

As we have learned over the years, these can be heavily tuned to the point where they breathe in the neck of true supercars, such as this one that was filmed during a half-mile event in Germany.

Apart from some minor visual tweaks, there isn’t really anything that gives any indication that it's a true powerhouse, so what we're looking at here is a true sleeper, one that can run the 1/2 mile in just 18,655 seconds, reaching a top speed of 256,031km/h (159.09mph).

According to the video's description, the sixth-gen Golf R tuned by Turbo Technik Sami features an R32 engine fitted with R30 turbochargers and plenty of other modifications that allegedly round up to a whopping 800hp. Stopping power is provided by a set of brakes from a Lamborghini Aventador, and the suspension appears to have been tinkered with as well.




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