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700+ HP Germans Go Wild At Unlim 500+ Event

700+ HP Germans Go Wild At Unlim 500+ Event
There are three main protagonists in this “story”, and none of them rival each other in real world traffic. On the drag strip, however, all bets are off.

The three cars in question are a W204 Mercedes C63 AMG, an F10 BMW M5 and a BMW X5 M, which is obviously by far the heaviest of the three.

What makes these races interesting is the fact that all three feature upwards of 700 HP. The X5 M and the M5 both have 750 horses, while the C63 has to make do with “only” 700. As always, Unlim 500+ races take into account the 1/4 mile and the 1/2 mile, but also the first 60 (18.2 meters) and 330 feet (100.6 meters).

The first race saw the M5 and the C63 go at each other. However, the BMW driver was actually called for a false start, so the times he posted didn’t register. He did though set off by himself later on, covering the 1/4 mile in 13.1 seconds and the 1/2 mile in 17.65 seconds.

The C63 AMG did even better over the 1/4 mile, but struggled to keep pace at higher speeds. As for the X5 M, despite its weight disadvantage, it did exceptionally well.

As always, you can check out the video that follows to see how those races turned out.
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