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1,200HP Battle: Lambo Huracan Vs Nissan GT-R

If you’re going to race two 1,200 horsepower cars like the tuned turbo’d Lambo Huracan and Nissan GT-R that can cover a 1/4 mile in less than 10 seconds, you might as well keep going to the 1/2 mile mark and see which car is better at stretching its legs.

Both the Huracan and the Nissan GT-R feature a Gosha Turbo Tech tune, resulting in 1,200 ponies on each side. Since both cars are AWD, this should be quite an interesting race that, like all Unlim 500+ events, took place in Russia.

In stock form, the Huracan has a clear weight advantage, which in theory should work to its advantage. Unless, of course, the owner of the GT-R stripped his car down to its bare minimum, of which however there is no indication.

Without giving anything away, we’ll just say that there was more than one lead change in this drag race and that both cars ran the 1/4 mile in the 9s. Plus, as you can see (or rather hear), the announcer is going crazy over the action, which is a good way to build up excitement.

The two rivals also crossed the half mile marker in under 15-seconds, but by that time, one of them was nearly a full second ahead of the other, doing an extra 34 km/h (21 mph). Only one way to find out which one: just scroll down and click on the “Play” button.


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