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Mercedes-Benz Gives New G-Class A Low-Key Night Package

Mercedes-Benz produced the Geländewagen pretty much the same way it always had since 1979. (Or rather had Magna Steyr do so on its behalf at its plant in Graz, Austria,.) After nearly 40 years, though, it has finally introduced a completely new G-Class. But that’s just the beginning.

If the last version was anything to go by, we can expect a whole mess of new variants to follow – in an array of bodystyles, with a proliferation of axles and suspension setups, and even wearing AMG and Maybach badges.

Before any of those come along, though, Mercedes has already rolled out a new Night Package for its new hardcore off-roader to imbue it with a more low-key look than the usual brightwork. As revealed by the MB Passion blog, the appearance package includes dark-tinted lights and windows all around, along with black trim for the grille slats, bumper inserts, side mirror caps, window frames, and the frame surrounding spare-tire carrier.

The Night Package is available exclusively in concert with the AMG Line package that was also just revealed, lest you think of ordering yours all murdered out, it’s reportedly only available on brighter-painted models – like this one pictured in a rather striking shade of red. Darker tints, meanwhile, are offset with chrome trim, ostensibly for more contrast.

For our part, we won’t be surprised to see more appearance packages like this to surface in the coming years. From what we’ve seen of the previous model, the new G-Wagen will be around for a very long time.
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