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New Peugeot 508 Could Show Up In Paris With 308 GTi Engine

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Peugeot is reportedly planning a beefier version of the second generation 508, which would top the current range-topping GT and its 225PS (222hp).

The midsize car might gain the same turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine as the 308 GTi, says L’Argus, which generates 275PS (268hp). It’s unknown whether the hot hatch’s lump will be massaged in any way, but this move would place the new Peugeot 508 against the top-of-the-line VW Arteon, which has 280PS (276hp) from a 2.0-liter TSI petrol unit.

The French publication is reserved in saying whether the more potent midsize car would gain the ‘GTi’ logo with this move, or the ‘Ti’ badge from the 504, but they’re expecting some visual changes. These might be new paint options, tweaked body work, different alloy wheels and some mods inside, in addition to other possible work carried beneath the sheet metal.

If everything goes as planned, then the range-topping Peugeot 508 should go on sale next year, when it’s believed to be joined by a hybrid version.

Other Peugeot cars expected to be shown to the world on October 2, in Paris, are the estate version of the 508, alongside the all-new 208 supermini. The latter will be based on the same platform as the latest Citroen C3, sharing most, if not all of its engine lineup.


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