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Even 21-in Wheels Look Normal On VW's Big Atlas SUV

The Atlas is Volkswagen's biggest model ever built in the United States, so fitting it with a set of 21" Vossen wheels shouldn't raise any eyebrows.

Besides, these VFS2s, outfitted by Naples Speed, have a somewhat simple yet classic single-spoke design, which in a way matches what VW expect us to see when looking at the Atlas. Of course there are those who disagree, like that unnamed VW designer who said that the Atlas looks like a "2012 Ford Whatever" during the LA Auto Show last year.

According to our own Zac Estrada, the Atlas doesn't hide its size when you see it in person, almost "looking like a linebacker in full football gear" thanks to its flared fenders. In addition, this model in particular is wearing an all-black exterior, with blacked out windows at the rear.

We've also seen its VFS2 Vossen wheels plenty of other times, on cars such as this Mercedes-Benz C-Class, or this 2017 Audi A4, which also had a black exterior and tinted windows. The VFS2 might be an older design, but you can find it on all types of vehicles, from sporty convertibles to hot hatchbacks, SUVs, premium saloons and even the occasional Rolls-Royce.

Of course, in the end we'd like your take on whether the Atlas looks best with its factory-standard 18" wheels, or something a little bit bigger, and arguably more stylish.