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Jason Cammisa Leaves Popular Motor Trend Position

If you're a regular Carscoops reader, you'll know that we are avid fans of Motor Trend's Head 2 Head and Ignition video series'. Unfortunately, one of the hosts, Jason Cammisa, has decided to step away from the popular automotive publication.

Co-host Jonny Lieberman revealed the news on Instagram in a post thanking Cammisa for all his hard work in turning Head 2 Head into the humorous and informative review show we've grown to love.

Taking to Reddit, Cammisa spoke about his appreciation for the fan support and his love of cars.

“Leaving MT was, as you can all imagine, a difficult decision. And one that had absolutely nothing to do with the cars or the shows themselves. Playing with cars, sliding them around, and trying my hardest to make y'all laugh is basically The Dream for me,.

“And if I have it my way, you haven't seen the last of me yet. So thanks again for all the kind words you guys have spoken — those don't come easy on the Internet, where people can be astoundingly harsh. But you all, as an audience, have been incredibly positive, accepting, and constructive. And I appreciate that more than you'll ever know,” he said.

Cammisa hasn't specified what his future holds but whatever he pursues, we wish him all the best and hope he'll be back on our screens shortly.

A bit of news: these two fellas have left the party. For the past two years both Ignition and Head 2 Head videos have risen to heights I didn't think were possible. This happened largely because @jasoncammisa showed up in July of 2015 and never stopped pushing, never asked what was possible, and never took no for an answer. The man is a force of nature. For the past five years @ant.espo has has done little else besides direct Ignition and H2H. The shows are as good as they are because of his hard work, creativity, and vision. I've never met a person with a stronger work ethic. They are his shows, and I hope he's proud of what he's built. Both of these guys, for their own reasons, have decided to move on from Motor Trend. Last I was made aware, neither knows exactly where, yet. I want to thank 'em both for everything we've accomplished, the solid work we've done, the laughs and the tears, and for pushing me, against my lazy nature, to always do better. Vaya con dios, brothers. I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for.
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