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A Lamborghini Huracan has become one of the fastest and most powerful cars to ever receive a taxi license in the United Kingdom.

Licensed by the City of Lincoln Council for use by Handsome Cabs taxi company, the Huracan will be available to hire or can be called upon if a local resident needs a flashy lift to their destination.

Speaking to The Sun, Councillor and chairman of the council's licensing committee Cath Brothwell said that the Huracan will be unlike any other taxi in the region.

“Our committee received an unusual application from Handsome Cabs and have granted a licence for their Lamborghini Huracan as a specialist private hire vehicle, for restricted use.

“It is certainly an impressive vehicle and one which will no doubt turn many heads around the streets of Lincoln and beyond.”

While you shouldn't expect Lamborghinis to replace the famed black taxis of the UK any time soon, it is pretty cool to see that almost anyone could jump into the passenger or driver seat of the supercar.


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