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Despite the fact that this second-generation Bentley Azure lost about $300,000 in value in the past 10 years, getting a pre-owned model actually makes sense in 2017.

So, what would it be like to own one? Well, according to Doug DeMuro, you would definitely enjoy driving this luxury coupe on a daily basis, and flooring the throttle wouldn't be as disappointing as you might think.

Before we get to that though, let's run through what it feels like to sit behind the wheel of an Azure. DeMuro says that this is a very comfortable car, with a strong quality interior and plenty of features that certainly didn't feel outdated back in 2007.

The Azure has a small color display between the instrument dials, a car phone, two door handles on each door, loads of wood, massage seats, six-level seat heater, a no-nonsense gauge cluster and a huge boot.

On the road, it glides the way a high end luxury car should, with very little road noise, if any, reaching the driver. This is very impressive for a soft-top car. Another positive is the fact that the Azure is by no means slow. It even sounds good when accelerating, according to DeMuro, but you obviously shouldn't expect to have any actual "fun" behind the wheel of this British beast - it's not a 911.

Raise your hand if you'd rather own a used Azure today or a brand new, well-equipped S-Class. They would cost about the same to purchase.


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