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A New Toyota With Previous Century Styling Is Japan's Rolls Royce

The most exclusive model from Japan is a car very few have ever heard about outside the country. The Toyota Century was born back in 1967 and was named for the 100th birthday of the company's founder, Sakichi Toyoda.

It remained unchanged for two decades, but at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show Toyota debuted a new generation  of the Century.

Unveiled earlier this month, the flagship saloon could fool you into thinking that it's a 1990s car, featuring a classic boxy design with sharp angles that has slightly evolved over its predecessor, dominated by a large grille, rectangular headlights, and multi-spoke alloy wheels.

However, opening the door reveals a lot of modern equipment, such as the infotainment system, digital dials, and rear-seat entertainment, among others, which blends in with the classic style in a rather minimalistic layout. Users also get to enjoy the wood trim, wool/leather seating, premium audio system, reading light, writing table, and others, offered either as standard, or optional.

Toyota has yet to release the specs of the 2018 Century, but we already know that it uses the 5.0-liter V8 petrol engine and electric motor powering the LS 600h, backed up by a nickel-hydrogen battery pack.

Pricing details haven’t been announced either, but don't get your hopes too high, because the automaker still has no plans of offering their new flagship saloon outside Japan.





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