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A Tiny Puppy Somehow Got Stuck In An SUV's Engine Bay

A puppy has been saved after being found stuck in the engine bay of an SUV in Surry County, North Carolina.

Speaking to Fox 8, Robin Haas said she heard the cries of the puppy as she walked past the SUV prior to doing an interview about a local female welding program.

Haas followed the sound of the dog to the SUV and recruited welding student Caleb Costner to help her free the helpless bundle of joy. After removing the battery and battery box, the two were able to retrieve the oil-covered puppy.

“You got the serpentine belt right there on the motor. It’s tail, it’s leg or anything could have gotten pulled into the belt,” Costner said.

Remarkably, the owner of the SUV said she had just been on a 45-minute drive meaning the puppy was stuck inside that entire time.

Fortunately, the pup avoided injury.




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