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Based on a new survey, U.S. drivers remain worried when it comes to self-driving cars, unsure if they feel OK having them on the road.

No fewer than 1,000 people were polled by insurer American International Group (AIG), who found that 41% of motorists still had reservations about sharing the road with autonomous vehicles, reports Autonews.

Another 39% of people said they thought driverless cars could operate more safely than the average driver, while three-fourths of those surveyed believe there's a real threat that hackers would take control of autonomous cars.

Even so, the majority of people polled still believe that fully autonomous vehicles won't be on the road for another two decades.

Whenever it happens, the insurance industry needs to be on top of things and deal with all the risks posed by self-driving technology. Based on a Morgan Stanley report, the auto insurance business could be greatly disrupted by the year 2040, with many firms losing share if they don't find ways to adapt.

"Risk does not disappear - it shifts from humans to machines," said AIG's president of liability Lex Baugh.

Those surveyed also thought that in case of an accident, liability could lie either with the car manufacturer, software provider or the driver, depending on circumstances.


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