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Audi RS3 Flies Off The Road At 200 KM/H On Old Street Circuit

Here's why putting the pedal to the metal on a track you're not intimately familiar with can be extremely dangerous.

While there's no disputing the Audi RS3 in terms of straight line performance, it doesn't appear to be all that great at taking an almost 90-degree turn at 200 km/h (124 mph).

Obviously, making that turn at that speed would be unrealistic regardless of the car you're driving, so staying safe at very high speed often comes down to knowing all the braking points when you're on a track.

This RS3 driver was apparently speeding across the old Chimay Street Circuit in Belgium, used between 1929 and 1972 for the Grand Prix des Frontieres. It was later discontinued due to safety reasons and shortened for other types of events.

In the end, it's good to see that the airbags did their jobs and the occupants voices could be heard as soon as the car stops rolling over. You can also see just how extensive the damage was towards the end of the clip.




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