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Ford GT Gets Lamborghini's Verde Mantis Paint

A 2017 Ford GT has just rolled out of the car’s production facility in Canada painted in Verde Mantis, a color lifted straight out of Lamborghini’s palette.

Since production of the new Ford GT commenced, we’ve seen a number of examples painted in a variety of colors, including Porsche’s stunning Riviera Blue, but this example certainly takes the cake in terms of downright insanity.

Verde Mantis looks stunning on the Lamborghini Huracan but we’re not so sure about it on the Ford GT. Unlike the Lamborghini which seems to perfectly lend itself to the bright green, the design of the GT simply doesn’t work with such an in-your-face color, at least to our eyes.

What do you think of the color? Do you love it or hate it?


A post shared by Jason & Shelbi (@jpnshelbiscars) on

A post shared by Jason & Shelbi (@jpnshelbiscars) on


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