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BMW M6 Gets Punished For Owner's Improper Parking

It's safe to say that at least one BMW driver had a bad day earlier this week after finding his M6 wearing a wheel clamp in a parking lot.

These images hail from Sofia in Bulgaria, where Autogespot user Hulshoff.Photography noticed a blue BMW M6 looking a little bit less aerodynamic than usual.

Wheel clamps, also known as wheel boots or parking boots, are used in dealing with parking violations around the world. There are some instances where a car might get one because the owner has too many unpaid fines and things of that nature, but these images are pretty self-explanatory.

This M6 is occupying two spaces and that's a huge no-no among us driving folk. In fact, it's up there with other road infringements such as double-parking and cutting someone off.

In the end, it's always good to see justice being served, and yes, it's OK to feel bad for the 560 PS supercar. Just not its owner.




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