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Even though it's frequently compared to fast 4-door luxury saloons, the Porsche Panamera is actually a somewhat practical (and large) 5-door notchback.

While not new in any way (there are many examples from the past with the 1990s Euro Corolla jumping to mind), this type of body style really took off in the premium segments ever since BMW's success with the X6.

So whether you want to call it a 5-door hatchback, notchback or a (miss-characterized) five-door Coupe, it's basically the same thing nowadays.

Yet, the 4-door saloon shape won't be going away anytime soon, especially when it comes to large luxury cars. So we figure, with little adjustments here and there, the Porsche Panamera might have had similar success in a different body style.

Rendered here as a sleek 4-door by Joe Zechnas, this visibly longer 2018 Panamera sort of reminds us of the all-new Lexus LS - in the sense of the C-pillar being stretched out to the point where the rear end of the car seems like it wants to come to a halt right after the rear wheel arches, but designers forced it to continue along the car's powerful shoulder line.

One struggle you might have with a Panamera that looked like this is that you'd have a hard time getting voluminous objects inside the boot. Then again, you might encounter this issue with just about any saloon.

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