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Driver Dashcams Through Rapidly Approaching Fire In Portugal

Due to people losing their lives as victims of wildfires raging across Portugal, the Southwestern European country has already declared three days of national mourning.

The fires started in dry conditions and were propelled by winds caused by Hurricane Ophelia. As you can see, the blazing inferno looked absolutely terrifying, even for people driving by.

"I entered the road on a point that was not closed to traffic," said the man who captured this footage. "Moments later, I started to record the fire until I found myself almost trapped." Thankfully, he managed to drive through it.

According to Portuguese officials, rain helped put out many fires on Monday, although more than a dozen of them still endured overnight, as reported by the BBC.

In total, it is thought that at least 36 people lost their lives to fires that spread over central and northern Portugal on Sunday and Monday.

Note: Some readers might fight this footage disturbing




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