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Neiman Marcus Mustang Up For Auction In Time For Christmas

Every year, Neiman Marcus puts out its Christmas Book, packed with all manner of luxurious gift ideas. And it always includes a car: something tempting and exclusive to the catalog that typically sells out as fast as it can accelerate.

Past editions have included special models from Infiniti, Lexus, BMW, Maserati... even Ferrari, Aston Martin and McLaren. In 2015, the gift guide featured a special Ford Mustang. But if you missed your opportunity to buy one then, there's one coming up for auction.

The 2016 Neiman Marcus Edition Mustang Convertible packed a 5.0-liter V8, supercharged by Roush to over 700 horsepower, all channeled (despite statements to the contrary) to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual. It also featured an upgraded chassis, exhaust, rolling stock, aero, and bodywork – complete with silver and blue paintjob and a removable rear cowling.

The luxury retailer originally limited availability to 100 examples, but the auction listing indicates this is the last of only four made. It has 73 miles on the clock, and is set to cross the auction block at Barrett-Jackson's Las Vegas sale next month.

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