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Gordon Murray Launches Low-Volume Car Company

Gordon Murray, the father of the legendary McLaren F1, announced the launch of a new vehicle manufacturing company called Gordon Murray Automotive.

The company’s goal is to take innovative vehicle projects and put them into a limited production run, with their first car to be a flagship model to be launched under a new Gordon Murray brand. The new business will also be able to accept contracts from external customers.

The cars built by Gordon Murray Automotive will be based on a new version of the iStream production system that uses steel tubes for the chassis with lightweight composite panels bonded in for more rigidity.

“The new manufacturing business significantly expands the capabilities of our group of companies,” said Gordon Murray. “With our first new car, we will demonstrate a return to the design and engineering principles that have made the McLaren F1 such an icon.”

Gordon Murray Automotive will be part of a new corporate organization that also includes Gordon Murray Design. This year marks the iconic designer’s 50th year in vehicle engineering and design, with a unique celebration event scheduled for November that will include almost every race and road car from Gordon Murray’s long career.




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