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Low-Mileage Alfa Romeo 164 Looks Like A Perfect Introduction To A Busso V6

There aren’t many Alfa Romeo 164s left in this world, let alone in good condition so coming across this 37k-mile shiny example really caught our attention.

It’s a 1995 Alfa Romeo 164 LS, complete with the 3.0-liter Busso V6 and a five speed manual transmission. This was the brand’s flagship at the time and just by looking at the provided photos, you can tell that it’s the definition of a well-kept example.

The black paint is described as original, aside from the hood which was repainted due to stone chips, while all panels are straight and free of any dings. The standard wheels gave way to a set of 16-inch Speedlines while the factory headlights were replaced with Bosch items.

The interior also looks to be in great condition, with the leather upholstery being spotless and all the trim pieces in place. The seller notes that the cruise control is a bit temperamental, the seat heaters not working and there’s a bit of sagging at the rear of the headliner. The climate control appears to have just a few pixels missing, which is ok since most of these cars tend to lose all of their pixels as they age.

Overall it appears to be perhaps the finest Alfa Romeo 164 currently on sale, so if you happen to lust after an Italian cruiser with a proper soundtrack, head over to Bring A Trailer and start bidding.




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