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Mercedes-AMG GT Tries Its Best To Look Special On 6Sixty Wheels

Unless you're a fan of weird tuning jobs, then new wheels could turn out to be a smart choice for giving your car a special stance, even if it's one from the Mercedes-AMG GT range.

The market is filled with various rims that come in all patterns and sizes, and it includes the latest ones offered by 6Sixty Design.

Part of their Tessen series, they vary from 18- to 22-inch in diameter, and 8J-13J in width, and they can be had in a variety of finishes, including matte, gloss, liquid and tinted. Manufacturing a custom set takes about 4 weeks, and the company will then ship them to most parts of the globe in another week.

Whether they look amazing, plain or dull on the Mercedes-AMG GT resumes to each individual's taste, but they do come at a rather steep price of £3,649 ($4,819) per set, 18-inch in size. Opt for the 19-inch ones, and the cost will raise to £4,030 ($5,321), while in 20-inch, they can be had from £4,399 ($5,808). The 21- and 22-inch wheels cost £4,785 ($6,318) and £5,165 ($6,820), respectively.




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